Kayaking On Convict Lake in the Sierra Nevada region near Mammoth Lakes is amazing! The reflection of the mountains off the shimmery lake surface sparkle and glimmer as I stare ahead sitting in my kayak. The still of the air, the silence of nature, and bright morning sunshine creates the perfect day to explore the area around Convict Lake. Road Trip Finale After spending the previous two days exploring mountains, hiking trails,… Read More

Making memories can be one of the most extraordinary things a person can do. It usually does not involve material items; no hand held gifts, or any fancy cars or clothing. It can however, bring unbelievable happiness and be extremely humbling. This describes my first time visit to Mammoth. Amazing and more! Here are some of the 8 ways to make memories in Mammoth. Mammoth, with its neighbor being Yosemite National Park,… Read More