Welcome to your home for fitness and fun! It is time to take a Yoga break today! Happy Friday and welcome to the weekend my friends! It is that time again to get motivated! It can be very challenging in today’s work environment which primarily consists of sitting at a desk and zoom calls. As a result of the pandemic, these negative outcomes must be reversed. Let’s make a huge effort to… Read More

Exercise is good for physical health and helps you with living a long and good life. But there is much more to exercise then jumping jacks and push ups. There is much more to learn when it comes to overall fitness. There are several types of physical exercises that are good for mental health in general. However, the whole package of being fit goes much further than just the body. The mind… Read More

It’s great to have the year 2020 in the rear view mirror now isn’t it? To say that this past year has been a challenging one is an understatement. We might even consider it the year that never was. Let’s just take a minute and think about it; maybe it wasn’t so bad after all. If we break it down, and think about the small things with an open mind.  I might… Read More

As much as I love to visit beautiful and exciting places, I most certainly do not enjoy the fatigue and discomfort that comes with traveling. I don’t know about you, but one of my biggest concerns about traveling is getting sick or my back going out.   Unless you are one of the lucky ones and travel first class in the luxury seats, the airlines I travel on usually offer some of… Read More