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Dance To Devil’s Bridge Sedona, AZ


Seeking Adventure
Dust infused red-orange sunsets, smoldering red rock canyons, and blue skies with puffy white clouds describe my recent road trip to Sedona, Arizona.


Just hearing the words “smoldering red rock canyons” peak my curiosity. We had an extra day open on the upcoming weekend, and decided to go on a road trip to Arizona. Being spontaneous makes life more interesting and this particular adventure is no different. As another last minute unplanned road trip to Arizona, our excitement was off the charts!

We sat down and did a little search for the most unique places to hike in Arizona. When we saw the results of our search, we were in awe and wonder.

After my previous heart pumping, 109 degree hot day hike up Camelback Mountain, I was a little hesitant to trek out to the desert for another scorching hike. Then Devil’s Bridge appears in the search. The name sounds more frightening that it really is. The hike offers a shorter or longer hiking route to get to the Bridge. (Depending on which parking lot you park in).

The Bridge hiking trail is rated as easy to moderate scale. After reading about Devil’s Bridge, we just knew we had to hike it. So, with a little last minute decision making, we committed ourselves to this weekend getaway to the desert.


Road Tripping
During the early morning, we continue with our usual rituals as well as  prep the car, gather food, fill our backpacks, and hit the road. Of course, The day prior, we did a vehicle maintenance check, changed oil, filled the gas tank, put a gallon of water in the car, and checked air pressure in the tires for safety and we were ready to go. See more info on How To Prepare For a Weekend Road Trip Here:

It was a picture perfect desert evening as we rolled into town. Just in time to relish the golden sunset that always says “welcome to Arizona.” 20180803_192819

Finally making it to our hotel, we settled into our room and then lights out for an early morning rise.  After having breakfast and showering, it was time to continue onward towards Sedona. We packed our water, power bars, lunch and were ready to tackle Devil’s Bridge.

It is a little tricky to find when first arriving in Sedona, but finally came upon it and parked the car. Take a look at the hand drawn map below that worked great to guide us to the trailhead and parking areas.


As I mentioned previously, the Mescal parking lot is a little tricky to find if its your first time. Many folks parked along the side of the road too.

Side note: It was a little surprising to see the heavy traffic on the interstate on that Summer Saturday morning.

There is an additional parking area that requires having an all terrain vehicle to get to that lot, which is a closer trailhead to the Bridge hike. The road that leads to this parking area is very rugged, steep, and contains many holes and is very sandy. So we parked at the Mescal parking area.

Hiking Adventure
Since we enjoy hiking so much, we didn’t mind taking the longer path. This made our hiking experience a little more fulfilling and to see more of the landscape. The hike starting at the Mescal parking area is a little more than 4 miles give or take round trip, so not too bad. It is rated as easy to moderate hike. 
This is the route that is a little more scenic as well and is great for spectacular panoramic landscape photos.

Prior to reaching the trailhead parking areas, of course I am in need of a restroom and water. The Sedona Library is located just outside of trailhead parking areas on the two-lane road heading towards Devil’s Bridge hike. This is a perfect stopping point. It is a very quaint library tucked away on a quiet street. A model train expo was happening during out visit. We peeked in the door and model trains are everywhere stretching out on several tables. What a sight!


Sedona, Arizona library

I did not see restrooms or portable potties at or nearby the trail, so make sure you are prepared for these couple of hours out here. The trail consists of mostly simple, groomed and clear paths. Together with quiet, peaceful, and comfortable summer temperatures, it was a perfect setting for hiking. As you walk on the path, you will notice stunning landscape views and redrock formations surround you!


As you get close to the bridge area, there are a couple steep incline switchback areas. The boulders and rocks may be hot, so be cautious as you find your grip to help keep your balance to climb up.

Then at the top you can wander, relax, eat lunch and carefully walk towards the bridge. This will be the place to take the money shot of the bridge or of you on the bridge.


Most hikers took turns on the bridge, so everyone can have their own photo opportunity of standing on Devil’s Bridge. The day we hiked this trail, there were a handful of people, and the wait to walk on the bridge was very short. Everyone was courteous and took their turn on the bridge.


Adventure is a trait that many of us have, and when we are curious about something new, we long the desire to go out and experience it. The experience we had hiking to Devil’s Bridge was nothing short of spectacular. It satisfied both our curiosity and adventure desires on this unplanned weekend getaway.

Life is too short to miss out on an experience because you may be a little hesitant or because of things in the past. Don’t be afraid to try new things and see something new! We are so glad we did! We danced our way onto Devil’s Bridge!


Devil’s Bridge, Sedona, AZ

Thank you for reading!   


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    • We really enjoyed this hike. It’s really not difficult, its nice to go out on a hike sometimes and just enjoy the surroundings without difficulty or strenuous paths, and reach the top and enjoy lunch and the scenery! You would like it!!

  1. Wow! The landscape is so incredible & those Arizona sunsets look so special! Also really love your road trip prep tips, it can be so easy to forget things, especially for shorter trips 😊

    • Thank you!! It is so beautiful in Arizona, its truly a desert oasis! Yes,., we forget how dangerous driving on road trips into extremely hot climates /areas,..and risking your car overheating or tires blowing out, you never know. Taveling in 100+ degrees can be very challenging, but if you prepare, you will have an enjoyable road trip! Thank you for reading and the compliments! Glad you enjoyed it! 🙂

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