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Capture Life Underwater With ProShot Case and help the effort to keep our oceans clean! Exploring into new adventurous territory can be exhilarating as ever! Especially when its underwater! You can now capture some of your most unique forms of underwater life with this amazing ProShot Case!

ProShot Case

ProShot has created an amazing thing! You know we all love to capture everything in life happening around us with our smart phones, right? Hold on, there are however, still some places we just can’t take the phone camera with us. Until now!!

Proshot is the maker of ProShot Case which protects your iPhone while underwater. Now, ProShot not only makes this incredible iPhone protective case that you can enjoy using while below the water, they are also working hard to help keep our oceans clean!

ProShot is a strong supporter of the largest ocean clean up effort in history! They have matched thousands of dollars in donations thanks to all the awesome customers out there! As explained by ProShot, there is more than 5 trillion pieces of plastic litter the oceans, creating five massive garbage patches.

Capture underwater photography and video with ProShot Case!

They go on to explain that the largest trash patch is called the Great Pacific Garbage Patch. This area is located between California and Hawaii. ProShot now donates $1 to the Ocean Cleanup for every sale on their site. 

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Are you ready to go where no iPhone has gone before? (Just a metaphor). And are you inspired to help with the effort to keep our oceans clean? Well, lets dive in and take a look at ProShot Case here; and see what this amazing tool can do for you!

ProShot Case underwater whale capture

ProShotCase is the only company that guarantees protection of your iPhone against water damage. With its five star reviews and impeccable quality, this is one tool you might want to add to your gear list!

Underwater Photography

Your iPhone will be invincible as will you too when you capture life underwater that you couldn’t do before!

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