One of the most special things about Hawaii is its foliage and flowers! The smells and sounds of Hawaii will make you fall in love. Some of my family members spend a lot of time in Hawaii throughout the year, and they wanted me to share some of their captures from around this magnificent land of beauty! So, please enjoy this flower and flora photo journal! Some of the plants are from the back yard.


Plumeria in Hawaii

Did you know. The official flower of Maui is the Lokelani. This flower is extremely full of fragrance. It was introduced in Hawaii by early Spanish explorers in the 1800s. The flower also displays a brilliance of vibrant color.

Hawaii tropical plants and flowers
Plumeria plant in Hawaii

Hibiscus and Bougainvillea

Tropical Plants: 10+ of the Most Unique Flora You'll Ever See

Red Lehua

Tropical Flowers and Plants.

Exotic Tropical Flowers

Exotic tropical flowers


Exotic tropical flowers from Hawaii


Tropical fruit plants Hawaii Pinapple

The pineapple plant here is from my relatives garden. She planted a seed and grew the fruit in a pot naturally. Now she has several pineapple plants flourishing in the back yard.

Blue Ginger

Exotic Flowers from Hawaii

Coconut Trees

Coconut trees in Hawaii
Coconut Trees
Tropical trees in Hawaii


Exotic tropical flowers and orchids

Aechmea Fulgens

Tropical plants and flowers from Hawaii

More Exotic Flowers and Flora Hawaii

Yellow tropical flowers Hawaii
Tropical Plants: 10+ of the Most Unique Flora

Tropical Flowers and Plants Hawaii

Exotic tropical flowers from Hawaii

Exotic Crotons

Also known as ornamental shrubs and small trees with a diverse array of multicolored leaves. The Botanical name of the crotons is called Codiaeum variegatum. The variations of leaf colors include an interesting combination and blends of and or solid patches of green, red, pink, orange, yellow, lavender, black. These plants can add vibrant color to any plant or flower garden.

Tropical plants from Hawaii

You will find some of the most beautiful unique flowers and flora in the Hawaiian Islands. From the scents and colors to the textures and shapes of these exotic plants, you will be in engaged in the real experience of this tropical paradise!


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