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Honeymoon period is special for many reasons. It’s when the couples establish a stronger bond, it’s when they get some “we-time” after all the hectic marriage days. It’s something that will be cherished for a lifetime, so choosing the right destination is very important.

Here, I take you through some of the most popular choices for honeymoon destinations around the globe.


Mauritius is ranked first and is the most popular choice among newlywed couples. It’s pristine beaches, crystal lagoons, white sands and the wide open coastal roads, makes it the ideal honeymoon destination.

Recreational activities include snorkeling, and you can find a mixture of Indian and French cultures there. The best time to visit Mauritius is in the second half of the year – May to December.


This Indonesian island is the affordable choice for many, and it offers nothing less than a dreamy vacation. Bali is situated amidst a jungle, and it has a lot of picturesque landscapes, temples and beaches to offer. Not to forget the swing at Tegalalang Rice Terrace, that’s one of the highlights of the place. The ideal time to visit Bali would be in mid of the year – June to August and towards the end of the year.


Paris needs no introduction when it comes to romantic destinations. Watching the city from the Eiffel tower, strolling the streets of Paris hand-in-hand, sipping some good wine in the cafes of Paris is a perfect way to start marital life. Paris is no doubt a dream destination to celebrate love! The best time to visit Paris is from June to September.


Santorini in Greece is a small island that has breathtaking sceneries, white-washed buildings facing the Aegean seas and some amazing food. The Greek salads and wine are something to die for! All-in-all, Santorini makes for a luxurious and relaxed honeymoon time. The best times to visit the place would be towards the end of the year – September to December.


Yet another island option, it’s one of the most ideal places for couples to begin their lives. The crystal clear water, the white sand and exotic resorts make it one of the popular choices. One interesting facts about Maldives is the night glow in the beaches of the Mudhdhoo Island, because of bioluminescence. Make sure to not miss that if Maldives is your choice!


Ever since ages, Italy has been the favourite of honeymooners. There are a lot of destinations to explore in Italy itself, starting from the green meadows of Tuscany, the beauty of Como lake, or the rivers that run through the streets of Venice, or the historical buildings. The best time to visit would be July to August


Switzerland is paradise on earth, and the honeymoon can’t get any better. It comes in the luxurious options for honeymoon but the vast wide green valleys, the ever beautiful mountains and the crystal clear water bodies make it all worthwhile. Switzerland by no doubt is a choking beauty! The best times to visit would be April to June in the summers and December to March in the winters.

New Zealand

New Zealand is famous for its cruise, cave and film tours. Nightlife in New Zealand is pretty lively, and the adventure sports include Scuba Diving and Skywalk. It has golden sand beaches that make any romantic trip complete. Not to forget the penguins 😉 The best time to visit New Zealand would be from December to February.


Ireland is where you get to spend your honeymoon in a castle, which ranges from economical to luxurious options. It’s an option for couple who wish to explore places other than conventional choices like beaches. The major attractions of the place are the Ferns castle and the Titanic Belfast. The best time to visit would be spring and fall.


Mirissa is a small town to the south of Sri Lanka. It’s famous for its clear beaches and the Taprobane Island. Mirissa is a cost effective yet a very good choice for newly weds. The best time to visit the place would be from August to December.

That’s it guys!  We hope this guide helped you get a glimpse of some of the most top ten honeymoon destinations. Hopefully you were able to choose one of the places listed above. Have lots and lots of fun, crazy time and most importantly, stay safe!

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