Shelling At Caspersen Beach Venice Florida

It’s known as the shark tooth capital of the world, Venice, Florida has some of the most incredible beaches! Because of its location and the fossil layer out along the shores of this coast, there are historical shark teeth in abundance. You will find some of the most pretty and unique shells and sea treasures as well. Here are a few of the amazing shells and treasures we found while enjoying the beach recently.

The polk- a- dot shell might be from the coral crab family species. It is very light, and so colorful.

Coral Crab Shell. Combing for seashells at Venice Beach
Lots of sea shells at Venice Beach.
Best Shelling Beaches in Florida
Shelling at Venice Beach
Caspersen Beach Park Venice Florida
Shark Teeth Hunting at Caspersen Beach, Venice
Pre Historic Shark Teeth

Project Crafts Made with Shells

Frame made with Sea Shells

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