Camping is one of the best ways to spend some time with nature. There are different ways to camp. Some people do glamping which is also called glamorous camping, while others do simple and traditional camping in an RV or a tent.

Nowadays people are following the concept of leaving no trace as it is increasing in popularity. Leave no trace just started as a trend and soon it became very popular that most of the people are following it while camping. Also, as the number of people visiting the campsites and campgrounds has increased a lot, it is very much important for everyone to protect the wilderness. So here are some tips and easy ways to implement eco-friendly camping for your next camping adventure or for your RV camper lifestyle. 

Say No to plastic

The first step for everyone who decided to go in an eco-friendly way is to say no to plastic items. It seems very simple but every human being on the earth is somehow related to plastic materials like using plastic carry bags, plastic water bottles, etc, and air pillows. It is a huge and very difficult task not to use plastic materials. But you do have some alternatives here. 

Simple tips for more eco-friendly camping
camper life

In place of plastic bags, you can use cloth bags and in the place of plastic water bottles, you can use water bottles that are made of metals like copper, steel, etc. You can use eco-friendly pillows or non-toxic pillows that are made of cotton and feathers as an alternative to these air pillows. 

Buy organic food

You can start to be an eco-friendly person even when you are off the RV or camping. You can do it by just buying organic food products. These organic food products are harvested using only natural fertilizers and pesticides like biological agents. As they are harvested using only natural methods, they are healthier to eat.

Best ways to be more eco-friendly
Eco-friendly ways for campers
Cook your own food

Cook your own food

One of the greatest ways to reduce carbon emissions while camping is to cook your food on your own. Next time while going for a camping adventure make sure to bring a lightweight portable stove that is easy to clean for cooking at the campground or campsite. Cooking on your own will help you to eat healthier foods and keep you away from processed foods that may be more convenient but are also unhealthy. 

It not only ends with cooking on your own. Suppose if you are preparing for a camping adventure and visit a nearby store to get some snacks for your trip then wait a minute and think wiser about what to choose. 

For example, go for a reusable jar of peanut or almond butter rather than buying individual packets. You can use the jar to store some other stuff after you have scraped the last scoop of butter. Rather than buying burritos or sandwiches that are individually wrapped with plastic, prepare one yourself and store them in recyclable containers. There are endless options here to become more eco-friendly. 

Go for used camping gear or rent some

If you are planning for a camping trip then it is best advised to go for the gears and products that are used before by someone or rent them. For example, suppose you are going tent camping, think twice before buying out a tent. If you just camp twice or three times a year, then you can choose to rent products. 

Eco-friendly ways to camp
Eco-friendly ways for better camping

Going for second-hand products and gear is not only eco-friendly but also saves you a lot of money. So think twice before buying any camping gear. 

Leave your electronic gadgets at home

Don’t bring all the electronic gadgets you have with you. Only bring some of them that are very important for you like a smartphone. If you are traveling in an RV it is better not to bring any power banks that can charge your electronic gadgets. There is no use in bringing them as your RV can provide enough power to charge these gadgets. You can opt for solar lanterns in spite of gas or electric lanterns. This way you can save some fuel for future generations. 

Practice fire safety

Whenever you reach a campsite or a campground the first thing you do is start a campfire. Without a campfire, your camping adventure is not fulfilled. However, if you do anything wrong then you will end up with a huge forest fire. So it is very important to practice fire safety especially when you are camping in areas that are full of trees like forests. 

How to make your camping more eco-friendly
Tips for more eco-friendly camping

Things you need to keep in mind while starting a campfire:

  • Start a campfire in a fire pit.
  • Do not start your campfire if you see any flammables nearby.
  • It is best to build a campfire that is a manageable size.
  • Do not leave the campfire as it is before leaving. Turn off the campfire by pouring some water and wait for some time until you notice that it is safe to leave it and nothing worse will happen. 

Leave no traces

It is very important for everyone to maintain their camping spot neat and clean. You are not the only one who visits the campground or campsite to spend some time with nature. So before leaving the spot clean all the dust and trash that you and your group have generated. This will allow other campers to enjoy it in the same way as you did. 

These are some tips and easy methods you can opt for being an eco-friendly camper.

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  2. Great post! It’s sad to see when people leave things behind after camping. There are so many other alternatives to bringing plastic bags with you. The fire safety tips are also really helpful!

    1. I agree! People need to be responsible when camping and leave the place as they found it. I usually bring a small bag with me,.. to use to bring back my own trash. Thanks so much for reading!

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