The incredible outdoor landscapes and sometimes dangerous excursions are brought to life as you read about this journey of equestrian explorer Isabella Bird, written by Linda Ballou. To those of you who love adventure and exploration, this story will spur a feeling like you have a special connection with her. So, please enjoy my review of “Embrace of the Wild”, lose yourself in this story of inspiration and courage.

Embrace of the Wild Book

You’ll be yearning for more as Bird takes you on a volcano rambling and rough sea voyage in Hawaii. And you may be brought to tears just reading about the pain Bird endured from a childhood back problem while on a 600 mile ride on horseback into the Colorado Rockies.

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Linda’s descriptive details of the experiences and encounters of Isabella Bird are extremely vivid and intense. She nearly leaves you with the sense of feeling the pain and discomforts of travel back in the days during the 1800s. And as you can imagine, the luxuries we enjoy in today’s world, cannot nearly compare to what they had back then or lack thereof.

Isabella Bird’s Background

Isabella Bird was an English traveler who experienced health issues at a young age. She suffered from a tumor in her spine, as well as other health ailments. Bird was a small woman and wanted something different in life, and not the typical life that was expected of a woman living in the nineteenth century.

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Exploring the Colorado Rocky Mountains

One can appreciate the determination of this female explorer who lived for adventure and exploration! I truly enjoyed reading about every challenging dilemma of traveling by horse, every physical painful ache, and especially the unexpected soulful connection of Bird and a man called Rocky Mountain Jim. 

The Inspiring Author. Lose Yourself in this Story of Inspiration and Courage.

As you continue reading this incredible wild story, make sure to take time to read about the author, Linda Ballou. You will most certainly be impressed with this talented travel writer as she too, is an inspiring adventurer in her own right. Exploring and having lived in Alaska, jaunting throughout Hawaii, and trekking among the California mountains; Linda is almost the descendant of Isabella Bird. 

Final Take on Embrace of the Wild Book Review

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It is a thrilling read; I certainly enjoyed getting lost reading Embrace of the Wild! You will find this historical fiction winner by the EQUUS Film & Arts Fest a fascinating tail of purely wild expedition. The trials and tribulations of life during the pioneer days are extremely challenging. Then, add the hopes and dreams of a woman whose desires entail something so nontraditional and unexpected by society of these times; will have you most certainly feeling thankful for the life we all experience in today’s world.

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