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Wiliwilinui Ridge Hiking Trail Hawaii

Hawaii is an incredible place of beauty and adventure. Every time we visit, we crave for scenic and challenging adventures. Which is why the Wiliwilinui Ridge Hiking Trail in Oahu, Hawaii is perfect to tackle! The weather on the day of our hike included sun mixed with clouds. If the weather brings rain on this this trail, it can make it extremely slippery and muddy.

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View along Wiliwilinui Ridge Hiking Trail * Hawaii travel

Getting to Wiliwilinui Ridge hiking trail

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Ignoring the on-slot the little bit of fear I had, we proceed to gather our water, hats, and other necessities, jumped in the car and drove towards East Honolulu area. Actually, driving through the East Honolulu area turned out to be quite spectacular in itself.


We ended up cruising to higher altitudes towards the trail head through an upscale neighborhood of homes and hills. As we approached the trail head there was no a guard. So at this time, we proceed to park in the appropriate designated spots. Directions

The Trail path at Wiliwilinui Ridge

Hawaii travel. Trail at Wiliwilinui Ridge

The trail path at Wiliwilinui Ridge is mostly consisting of red dirt, uneven, and some areas you’ll find tree roots. This is why weather can affect your hiking experience here. Early in the hike, there is a beautiful canopy of trees of all sizes but mostly tall and large. And the cloudy sky made for a perfect day for a rugged adventure up the spine of the island.

Wiliwilinui Ridge Trail Weather

One of the tips I would recommend is always check the weather for any hike in Hawaii. But especially the rugged adventurous ones like Wiliwilinui Ridge. On the day of our hike, the clouds start to build up around us which is why we could be in for a possibly muddy, wet, and slippery hiking experience.

The wind began to swirl and howl. This made for an eerie stroll through some sections of the trail. As we made our way through the tree tunnels, we encounter some of the challenges as well as the views. The steeper sections of the ridge continue closer and we use the ropes when needed to assist in the climb to the top.

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Wiliwilinui Ridge Hiking Trail

Ropes and Mud trail conditions

The steep sections of this part of the hiking trail offers a few challenges and obstacles. The rope is extremely helpful in climbing to the next part of the trail. This trail can be muddy and slippery when it rains, so take it slow and careful as you gradually make your way to the summit.

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Gradually making your way to the top is what makes this hike amazing. It’s the journey along the way, so don’t be in too much of a rush to make it to the top yet. You’ve got to experience the ledges and ridges that comprise this spectacular hiking trail. The further we venture up the trail, more and more pristine views begin to appear.

Views at summit of Wiliwilinui Ridge Trail Hawaii

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Views from the top of the Wiliwilinui Ridge Trail

The view points are spectacular on the Wiliwilinui Ridge Hiking Trail. The views and beauty of the trail aren’t the only things to be excited about. If you blink, you may miss some of the most beautiful plants and flowers. They are in abundance and on display on this adventure nature trail!

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Flowers and plants along the ridge trail

Enjoy the beautiful views of Wiliwilinui Ridge Hiking

Be sure to take a rest on the ‘Swing’ and tree area. If you are hiking the trail on a weekday, you may be lucky enough to get a seat on the one lonely bench that sits at the summit of the trail. The views are incredible! Hang on to your hat as the winds can be quite wicked up at the top.

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Soaking in the views of the ridge


As you can see, there is plenty of adventure opportunities in Hawaii. There are so many different hiking trails that with every visit you will make new experiences! Of course, its even better if you are lucky enough to live there. Hawaii is so full of nature, landscapes, and stunning sunsets. I highly recommend this beautiful adventurous hiking trail if you are looking for unique things to do in Hawaii! Enjoy!

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