Man is not created for the concrete jungle, polluted air, and fast pace of life. That’s what most people will tell you but still, we prefer to live in bigger cities where we have easy access to every possible facility. As a result, most people complain about diseases and even worse people suffering from mental health issues when it comes to the fast-paced lifestyle. If you ever have to visit a psychologist, they will probably mention that your life is fast-paced and you need a break. This means there is nothing better than a vacation and if you want to live a healthy life, you should take some days off from the pollution and noise and breathe some fresh air. So sit back and enjoy this detailed list of best states for camping experiences in the U.S.A.

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As a person living in America, we must show gratitude because it is considered the land of opportunities. This also reflects when it comes to vacation spots. From deserts to a lush green forest you will be able to find nature in the best way possible. However, if nature is not your cup of tea, then suitable luxury resorts and hotels are plentiful where you can enjoy your time as well.

For someone who wants to enjoy some leisure time; a good book, a cup of coffee, and a comfortable sleeping tent are plenty enough. If you are someone who likes to camp, you will be surprised by how many different resorts and destinations there are to accommodate you. So many folks complain about wanting to camp but not in the complete wilderness. This might be considered ‘glamping’ perhaps. Of course, there are several resources out there to find resorts that offer several types of camping within their area. However, for a raw and organic camping experience, it’s probably a must that you need to be an adventure seeker.

Best States For Camping Experiences In The U.S.A.
Best Places To Camp In the US

If you are looking to experience camping in its true sense, here are some of the best states for camping in the U.S. These states are not only camping friendly but you will also be able to enjoy some of the most scenic sights while you are camping there. From cold deserts to lush greens, you can easily select according to weather and your mood.

What Makes A State Excellent For Camping?

When we talk about camping, we are trying to put trust in nature. However, if the state has various and different approaches to camping, it is either too expensive or doesn’t favor camping naturally, you might have an issue. To make it easier to understand, here are some of the things that will help you determine if a state is good enough for camping or not.

Best states for excellent camping!
Best camping in the United States
  • The state must have camping friendly rules
  • The state must have easy access to the internet, Wi-Fi, and mobile service
  • The state must have a good forest coverage
  • The state must not be prone to natural disasters
  • The state must have a very predictable weather
  • The fuel prices in the state must be less than other states
  • The food prices in the state must be less than other states
  • The overall availability of the basic amenities must be less
  • The state must have enough petrol stations that can favor the travelers
  • The state must have a good diversity of animals
  • The state must have parks and camping sites

Best State for Camping Overall

If we talk about the overall camping experience, weather and accessibility to fundamental needs are very important. Considering the weather, rainfall, accessibility to petrol, campsite quality, forest coverage, crime rate, and parks, there is nothing better than Rhode Island. If you don’t want to visit Rhode Island, you can visit Utah, Maryland, and New Hampshire as well. The best thing about Rhode Island is that it is a relatively smaller state but offers a very diverse camping experience. Other states might be higher on the list, yet R.I. offers some of the best camping sites that you can enjoy with your friends and family. If we look at the natural environment we can see that it has the best natural environment. According to the U.S news 2019 survey, Rhode Island was rated as the best for natural events. Even if you ask adventure enthusiasts they will rate Rhode Island at the highest. Due to its safety and diversity, it is best for beginners who are looking for safe options and who are trying to minimize the chance of any risk.

Best places to camp in the summer.
Best places to camp

Best States for Camping According To Accessibility to Amenities

In the world of technology, when we look for a camping site we want to have access to the internet and mobile signals. Apart from this, we want to make sure there are places where we can grab a bite or have petrol when we need it. When it comes to amenities, Utah is ranked as the best. However, you can also visit Minnesota and Rhode Island where you will have easy access to some of the best amenities while camping.

Many people may become very hesitant when they think about camping because they feel this will lead them away from the convenient lifestyle that they enjoy. This is especially important for the beginner who is afraid that they will not stay in contact with their friends, families and business-oriented people who feel inclined to constantly reply to their business emails on the go. Utah has the safest camping sites, the petrol prices are low, the weather is stable and you will have internet access as well.

Camping Comparison

If we compare the places mentioned above to Hawaii, for example; It may not, however, be favorable for camping at all. Hawaii is known to be the best destination for all kinds of vacation. Although, there are plenty of camping locations that are safe, there is little to no weather protection. The weather can be unpredictable and you can get a lot of rain. When it comes to fuel prices you may certainly go broke. All in all, Hawaii can be pretty expensive and inconvenient.

Best States for Camping According To Accessibility to Amenities.
Best states to camp in

Best Woodland Camping States

When it comes to camping, most people like the idea of lush green countryside as compared to cold deserts. The reason is that they want accessibility to water as well as to reconnect with nature. Of course, if you are someone who does not enjoy being baked by the sun, then you will need to add locations that provide shade areas to your criteria. According to recent research, Massachusetts has been declared as the best site for camping. The place has so many parks along with various animals and birds. It also has a huge tree forest coverage as well. Overall, it is a great site for someone who is looking for a natural camping experience. Apart from Massachusetts, you can also visit Maryland, Rhode Island, New Jersey, and Virginia.

Best Woodland camping states.
Best States For Camping Experiences in the USA

Bottom Line

To sum it all up, camping is another name for the complete adventure. If you like adventure, you must have considered camping at least once. However, it all comes down to personal preference, the weather of the destination, and the overall money you are willing to spend. If a state is closer to you, then this may allow you to save money and be more familiar with the local camping rules as well. Overall, it comes down to your research and how much you are familiar with the camping destination. We hope this article provides you with a brief guide and tips as to how to determine which places offer you the best experiences when camping.

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