Bir Sur. 10 Best Destinations for Motorcycle Road Trips

Motorbike touring is a uniquely satisfying experience. It enhances the sensation of freedom. Hitting an open road on the scenic drive can be extremely gratifying, no matter what the weather conditions are. Whether it’s the holiday season or a weakened trip; motorbike trips will always be a pleasant experience. Being isolated in your house or occupied with loads of work without any occasional escape will make you frustrated and bored with life! The adventure and awareness you gain through the twists & curves of the road can be exhilarating. Traveling on your four-wheeler will never get you this close to nature. Following are the 10 best destinations for motorcycle road trips in the U.S.

1)   Pacific Coast Highway: Carmel to Morro Bay, California

Top 10 Ultimate Motorcycle Road Trips in the USA.
California’s Pacific coast highway * Big Sur Motorcycle Road Trips

Enjoy this scenic roadway ride! It’s the riding experience that is second to none. The Sur part of California’s coastal highway gives riders a smorgasbord of various treats including seal-dotted beaches, towering redwood forests, crashing surf & curves that help in keeping you fulfilled end-to-end. The hugging ribbon of the cliff stretches up to 120 miles & has frequent turnouts that help in getting entertained by the stellar views. All this is enough to fulfill the appetite that makes you crave for a riding experience. It’s one of the big portions of the long Pacific Highway that extends through the entire California coast, that starts from Malibu and ends at the Oregon border and beyond.

2)   Blue Ridge Parkway: North Carolina and Virginia

It’s an iconic mountainous route that should be a must on every passionate rider’s to-do list. The northern section of Virginia, passing by the Civil War battles, ambles the bucolic countryside. Further, in the southern direction, you can climb up the Smoky Mountains. Here you will find the smooth, highly-maintained Blue Ridge which is renowned for the sweeping curves & arresting scenery. Make sure you keep in mind that it restricts you to maintain a compulsory 45-mile an hour speed which will give you enough time to savor the views around you on the road. For the longer route, you can take a 105-mile Drive by the national park of Virginia’s Shenandoah. If you are traveling in the winter season make sure you pack warm clothes in your motorbike’s saddlebag, you might need to layer yourself up while traveling through the route.

3)   Stewarts Point: Northern California

Best Motorcycle Road Trips in the USA.
10 Best Destinations For Motorcycle Road Trips

It’s one of the special traveling routes of Northern California that heads to the north on 101 just by the Healdsburg at the exit of the Dry Creek Road. While you ride toward Lake Sonoma, the road veers to the left and becomes Skaggs on Spring Road, it’s an incredible motorcycling route. Asphalt is quite smooth and seasoned enough it can easily make your eyes wander off while taking rolling hills. Corners of this route have a perfect room for sweepers, camber, and elevation changes that will help you in gearing up your rhythm. It’s one of the best road destinations in California. You will feel that you have caught the stride on the two-lane masterpiece. Narrow roads, smooth surfaces covered with a canopy of trees.

4)   Portland to Sumpter, Oregon

This traveling route will be like the journey that will remind you of the old times of Portland, as you move through the dormant volcano known as Mt. Hood. You will cruise into the amber waves by the prehistoric lands of canyons at the back and up of the mountain area to the gold mining city of eastern Oregon. This is a perfect slice of American Northwest that is full of urban landscapes from rivers and canyons to mountains and mining towns. You will get to enjoy plenty of the miles with windy roads and landmarks along the way. It’s a Sumpter town with a lesser community of the mountains.

5)   Going-to-the-Sun Road: Montana

These routes are accessible especially in the summer, this epic 50-mile pathway is the holy grail for the serious riders. It’s an up and down thriller with more twists & turns compared to a soap opera drama. This route transcends the Glacier of National Park, which makes you climb up 3,000 feet starting from Lake McDonald to a 6,646-foot summit by the Logan Pass. Then you can stop en route by the Jackson Glacier for overlooking the jaw-dropping generic views.

6)   Coastal Route One: Maine

You will get to smell crustaceans in the wind while you are riding through the coastal section of Maine’s U.S. Route 1 that starts from Brunswick to Machias. It’s the 167-mile stretch of the two lane asphalt leading to the quaint coastal villages and dozens of historic lighthouses. Tests and turns are the main gems of this route. While you dawdle by the towns in the way, the road has open sections with speedy curves. You must keep your fingers at the lever in case of a moose appears at the bend. If you are planning to visit here, keep in mind that summers aren’t the best season.

7)   Natchez Trace Parkway: Tennessee, Alabama and Mississippi

Before the Natchez Parkway was built early in the 1930s, this track was considered a migratory trail for the buffalo and later for the Native Americans. From 444 miles, a road leading to Nashville to Natchez, this two lane asphalt earned the scenic byway moniker for the cultural, scenic and historic appeal. The rider gets into the steeped yesteryear mementos which includes Civil War battle, ghost towns and segments in the Natchez trace of the original Indian Trail. This scenic landscape kaleidoscopes of rolling farmland pass to the cypress of the swamp. Bikers should not worry regarding trucks or stop signs.

8)   Illinois River Road

While crossing the ferry at the Kampsville, there’s a good spot where you can stop and eat at the corner of the river. This place now remains closed because of flooding. If you keep on traveling further to Brussels there’s an old pub which offers good food. You can get your Brussels Ferry and take a ride to Grafton where you will see plenty of little shops, an amazing cream corner, nice wineries and a Hawg Pit BBQ. It has an amazing view of the Mississippi River. From there, you can go to Alton and stop at a famous biker spot called Fast Eddies. If you love rivers and are a fan of watching water rattling across them, it’s the perfect one for you.

9)   Route 66

10 Best Destinations For Motorcycle Road Trips. Route 66
10 Best Destinations For Motorcycle Road Trips Route 66

Get your two-wheeler started for enjoying a 2,450 miles open-air refreshed track on American roads starting from Chicago ending at the Pacific Ocean located at Santa Monica. Route 66 has the perfect charm of a small town with loads of kitschy small attractions and amazing scenic views. This open track does not come with any apparent indication, so you must prepare yourself beforehand and map where you are willing to wander. This trip entails a bit more planning if you are interested in any areas where you would love to stop along the way.

10) Peak to Peak Highway: Colorado

Rocky Mountain National Park reaching the alpine

It’s barely a track that is almost 60 miles long, the ride combines the sensational twists along with the finest scenic views that mother nature has to offer. You will get to marvel across the dazzling area of the Rocky Mountain while you crest through the Continental Divide in the lap of the Rocky National Park. The roads scythe right in the glacier valleys and switchback up by the dense forests for reaching the alpine meadows. Make sure you stay within the safe speed limits while you pass through these tracks. 

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10 Best U.S. Destinations for Motorcycle Road Trips.


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  1. Amazing collection of motorcycle road trip routes, Shannon. I’d love to do every single one of them. Route 66 has always been my dream. Now all I need to do is convince Ellie to let me get a motorbike licence… 🙂

    1. Lol!! I know,..maybe Ellie can get one too! Lol! I owned a motorcycle when I was a kid growing up. I’ve done the west coast route, but not on a motorcycle, and we hope take a road trip along the East coast soon too. Route 66 is such an iconic and historic route indeed!

  2. There is nothing like riding a motorcycle, the main thing to remember about safety and rules!

    1. You are exactly right! Safety is critical for owning and riding a motorcycle! Thanks for stopping by!

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