Fun Things To Do In San Diego | America’s Finest City

Imagine a life where you are surrounded by the most beautiful landscapes, ocean blue waters, and palm trees galore. You might say this is all a dream. Well, we call this California Dreaming and our hope is to entice you. San Diego is known as ‘America’s Finest City’, and here’s a few reasons why. I’ve compiled a list of unique and fun things to do in San Diego.

Downtown San Diego.
San Diego downtown near the Convention Center

San Diego is a vacationer’s dream with so many exciting attractions, amusement parks, the famous San Diego Zoo, and many other adventurous activities.

Entrance at San Diego Zoo.

The San Diego Zoo is great for families to enjoy a day learning about many different animals and ways we can respect them as well as conservation.

Polar Bear Exhibit San Diego Zoo
Polar Bear Exhibit San Diego Zoo

San Diego offers so much more than just the average everyday tourist hot spots. Here are a few unique things to discover and see in the less traveled areas of San Diego.

Hiking and Exploring

Torrey Pines State Reserve

A peaceful, beautiful trail for visitors to enjoy in a clean, natural environment with stunning landscapes and views. This is a reserve; according to, a reserve is not a park. This reserve is a targeted area protected for conservation and also has other restrictions different than a park. Read more here:

Torrey Pines State Beach

You will find Torrey Pines State Beach at the bottom of 300 foot sandstone cliffs of white and golden stone, with a greenish layer sometimes visible at the very bottom. At the north end of the beach the cliffs ends and Los Peñasquitos Lagoon, a salt marsh estuary, empties into the ocean. A county highway crosses the entrance, with limited free parking along the beach.
Learn more here:

Torrey Pines Beach
Torrey Pines Beach

Sante Fe Trail: Coast to Crest

Santa Fe Trail
Santa Fe Trail

The Sante Fe and Del Dio Gorge Trails are both segments of the San Dieguito River Park area and the Coast to Crest trails. Three pre-historic cultural periods describe parts of this region and portrays a peak at how Native Americans explored through this valley.

Sante Fe Trail. Hiking San Diego. California.

Del Dios Gorge Trail: Coast to Crest

Del Dios Gorge Trail
Del Dios Gorge Trail

The Harris Site is noted as one of the most significant archaeological sites on the National Register of Historic Places.

Del Dios Gorge Trail. San Diego Hiking. California.
Del Dios Gorge Trail

Mount Woodson Potato Chip Rock

A highly visited hiking trail in San Diego county, Mt. Woodson is a challenging trail that leads you to amazing views. It’s not uncommon that you could see a Mountain Lion and cubs roaming around these parts. The last one spotted was in the area near Mt. Woodson golf course. (Date: Oct 4, 2018). Learn more about these hiking trails here:  4 Great Local Hiking Trails in San Diego.


La Jolla

The majestic small community of La Jolla is surrounded by carved cliffs and stunning coastlines. When I have visitors in town, I always take them here to browse the beach and boutiques. It’s a perfect place to enjoy something at minimal cost, mostly free. This is the perfect area to see whales as they migrate through these ocean waters.

La Jolla Cove
La Jolla Cove

It is home to several species of sea life including seagulls, seals, and occasional spottings of Orca killer whales.

Occasionally, the local news will report sightings of various whales gracing the coastal regions in Southern California. This beach area is one of the most photographed areas in San Diego.

La Jolla Cove, San Diego, California.
La Jolla Cove

Now, you can not visit California without spending at least one day at one of San Diego’s stunning beaches. You will find numerous beaches to choose from in the San Diego area. I have listed here a few of the less traveled beaches that are amazingly beautiful. You will find these beaches in North County of San Diego.

Carlsbad State Beach

Fun Things To Do In San Diego | America's Finest City. California.
Carlsbad State Beach, California

Carlsbad State Beach is unique in its own right. Take notice of how this beach has a massive amount of rocks. There are also several visitors other than people at this beach.

Carlsbad State Beach Things To Do In San Diego
Carlsbad State Beach

You will also share the shore with seagulls and other sealife in this area. Then take a look at Moonlight Beach located in Encinitas just a short distance south of Carlsbad.

Moonlight Beach Encinitas

Moonlight Beach in Encinitas is one of California’s hottest places for surfers. There have also been other visitors in the area recently that of a great white shark. Caution must always be considered when going into these waters.

Other local popular beaches include the following:

  • Pacific Beach
  • Mission Beach
  • Ocean Beach
  • Sunset Cliffs

Events and Activities

Miramar Air Show

The annual Miramar Air Show is a spectacular display of America’s military force along with highlighting its members skills and talents. In 2018, the air show theme consisted of honoring 100 years of women in the Marine Corps. Also feature highlights include new and impressive aircraft such as the F-35 Lightening II, F/A -18 Hornet, MV-22 Osprey, AH-1Z Super Cobra/Viper, and of course, the infamous Blue Angels! Miramar Air Show is an annual event usually scheduled for some time in late September or early October.

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Petco Park and San Diego Padres

Fun Things To Do In San Diego Petco Park. Petco Park views. San Diego Bay.
Fun Things To Do In San Diego

If you visit San Diego, you must experience a baseball game at Petco Park with an unbelievable backdrop of the city surrounded by the ocean and spectacular sunsets!

You can see airplanes arriving for landing in the distance behind the city buildings as you watch the game.

Balboa Park

Balboa Park Fun Things To Do In San Diego
Balboa Park Fun Things To Do In San Diego

Stunning sunsets

Petco Park views of San Diego Bay.
Views from Petco Park Stadium San Diego

California Dreaming

San Diego is an exquisite city to visit and experience. It’s a vacation and travel destination for millions of people. And yes, there are the popular tourist attractions that visitors love to see but there are also the less traveled amazing spots that will leave you speechless.

SUNRISE San Diego, California.
San Diego sunrise

So when you make your trip to San Diego, be sure to explore one or two of the hidden gems that will make your dream vacation more complete. Keep #CaliforniaDreaming!

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Fun Things To Do In San Diego | America's Finest City

More Exploration and Adventure in San Diego!

Potato Chip Rock hike. San Diego. California.
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