Taking a boat or other water vessel out on the water can be such a unique adventurous experience. At the same time, it can also provide a sense of freedom like no other. Prior to renting a water vessel, boat, or yacht, there are some safety precautions that one must take into consideration. Please make note of these informative Miami Beach boat rental safety tips.

Check the weather before you go out on the water.

You know that it is useless to predict what the weather will do when renting a boat in Miami if you have already done so. Nevertheless, you should try to prepare for any bad weather in advance (for example, by taking warm clothes). Prepare accordingly.

During the trip, it’s best to check the weather update so that you know what to wear.  It’s always a good idea to keep backup clothes because you don’t know when the weather will turn bad. Additionally, if you aren’t used to riding a boat during bad weather, stay close to the beach. Despite the sunny and bright forecast for the day, a storm can sneak up on you without warning. Make sure you’re prepared.

Rental boat safety checklist
Boat rental safety tips

Knowing the rules and regulations before getting on the water is a crucial step before boating.

Boating regulations are subject to change every year, so check official websites for updates. You should read Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission’s boating rules before renting a boat in Miami Beach.  There are a variety of regulations regarding air boats, water skiing, boat speed restrictions, reckless and careless boating operations, lighting and equipment requirements, and maximum speeds.

Key Point: It is important to ask boat rental companies about no-wake zones to avoid unnecessary fines. Before you depart for your trip, read “How To” articles and other safety articles.  Ensure the captain and crew follow all safety protocols.

Rental boat safety checklist.
Boat rental safety tips

Boat rental checklist forms.

Before moving on, fill out pre-rental and post-rental forms. Review the post-rental checklist. These checklists are helpful; they will help you identify if all of the items listed are present and functioning properly. You should inform the boat owner if any of them are defective from the beginning.

Make sure you understand the details before signing. Consider the following:

  • Ensure that the safety equipment is in good working order and is not expired.
  • Place all necessary items in the boat owner’s boat and use them properly.

Follow COVID-19 protocol, such as having the captain and crew wear masks and gloves.

Key Point: Notify the rental boat company if any of the safety equipment is not working properly. Before you begin your journey over the vessel, this item must be replaced or fixed. Safety should also not be compromised. The boat rental company should be informed about any missing items (especially those relating to safety), since safety precautions will help you in case of an emergency.

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Enjoying time out on the water can be both exhilarating and exciting! If you are planning to travel to the Miami area for your winter getaway, you might want to add this water adventure fun to your itinerary! Or if you reside in the south Florida area, renting a boat for a day on the water might be just what you need! I hope you have enjoyed these safety tips from Sailo and will be having a blast gracing across the water in your water vessel!


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