Valley of Fire State Park in Nevada is located about 55 miles northeast of Las Vegas off of Interstate 15. You will see the sign is located along the interstate on the way to or from Zion National Park in Utah. The sign definitely caught our attention and peaked our interest, so we decided to take a detour on our road trip return from Zion.

 Valley Of Fire. Nevada. 
valley of fire hiking trails

Getting There

It is a Nevada State Park, and there are two ways to get to the park. Approximately 16 miles south of Overton, Nevada; a small unincorporated town located at the north end of Lake Mead, this park is a true geological wonder. The fiery looking red sandstone cliffs were formed as a result of shifting sand dunes during the dinosaur age. The earth moving, uplifting and erosion has now created this present landscape. DIRECTIONS.

Park Info

Open daily from sunrise to sunset. 24-hour access to campgrounds.
Entrance Fees (see all park fees) $10.00
Contact 702-397-2088
P.O. Box 515 
Overton, NV 89040


Valley of fire hiking trails
valley of fire state park
Valley of Fire State Park

Unexpected Adventure

I love it when a trip includes unexpected adventures. This park is definitely unique and a hidden gem. The day of our visit, it was a warm and beautiful day as we were returning from an adventure in Zion National Park. A great place to end our weekend road trip. We arrived at the park using the east entrance.

Detour To The Valley Of Fire.
Valley Of Fire State Park, Nevada

Take a look at some of these interesting and beautiful sandstone rock formations as well as the stories behind them.

Near Mouses Trap, Valley of Fire, Nevada.
Valley of Fire.Near Mouses Trap

Mouse’s Tank:

This area is named after an outlaw who used this area as a hideout during the 1890s. This area is a natural basin and can hold rain water collections for many months.

Mouse’s Tank

As you wander on the hiking trail that leads you to Mouse’s Tank, you will find large boulder/rock areas that have prehistoric petroglyphs. The prehistoric wanderers include the Pueblo peoples, many years ago. Their approximate span of occupation dates from 300 BC to 1150 AD.

Seven Sisters area:

Several beautiful rock formations easily seen from the road as you journey through the valley.

Rocks form to look like fire! Valley of Fire, Nevada.

Other cool rock formation areas to explore and visit in the park in these must see stops:

Valley of Fire State Park.
Valley of Fire State Park


Amazing sandstone formations with geological layers or beds that are engraved in the rock representing the angles of wind and water over a period of time.

map of Valley of Fire state park Nevada
An older map of Valley of Fire – Brochure

Arch Rock areas

Over millions of years, the build up materials of sediment and sandstone formed. Over time, the erosion from wind and water weakened the rock sand and the arch is what remains. This point of interest is a very fragile structure and no climbing is allowed.

Valley of fire state park
Arch Rock Valley of Fire

Fire Wave

The Fire Wave trail is a highlight of the Valley of the Fire and one of the easiest hiking trails in the park. The trail is a 1.5 mile round trip lightly trafficked pathway that features a lovely landscape with beautiful wild flowers and rock formation patterns and views.

More Points Of Interest

  • Petrified Logs
  • Rainbow Vista

White Domes

The Valley of Fire State Park also allows camping at first come first serve. There are two campgrounds and a combined total of 72 units. There are also RV Camping sites as well.

Rock climbing is allowed but is limited to designated areas within the park.


Road trips are amazing. They allow you the freedom to be flexible and free to thoroughly enjoy adventure. Many of you may think that detours can be a drag and delay your trip. Well, I will tell you that some of my detours have been the most rewarding part of the trip. If you travel to the Las Vegas or Utah area, I recommend a detour to the Valley of Fire! Thank you for reading! Disclaimer: Some photos are from; all other photos belong to original owner.

Detour to Valley of Fire, Nevada.


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